RBI’s New Spearhead – Dr. Urjit Patel

Yes, the move that was on the cards has finally been executed. No, I am not talking about Game of Thrones (Generic humour appeal at the start), but yes the newest member in the hall of fame for RBI governors. Dr. Urjit Patel becomes the governor of RBI, taking over the reins from the former, Raghuram Rajan. But do we know our new governor? (Eh, we don’t). Aditya would tell you, no worries

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Mudra Bank

There has been a pronounced change in the approach of Government in dealing with the unemployment crisis. The current approach is more based on creating small entrepreneurship or giving the people more opportunities to start small-scale enterprises of their own.

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Performance Appraisal of Raghuram Rajan

Base rate

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Raghuram Rajan took over as the RBI Governor on 4th September 2013. With a shift in power from Congress to BJP , India saw a change in the ideologies of its representatives. We went on from focusing on expenditure on health and education to promoting investment in institutional areas. Along with this significant development came another major change. The position of the RBI governor switched from D Subbarao to Raghuram Rajan.

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The Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Goods and Services tax

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The Rajya Sabha has finally passed the constitutional amendment Bill enabling the roll-out of the Goods and Services Tax. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been touted as the biggest tax reform in India since independence.

The Government has set 1 April 2017 as the deadline for its implementation. This article explains GST and its impact in a simplified manner.

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The UK’s ‘Referendum’ and the ‘Brexit’ Explained


On 23rd June 2016, the United Kingdom will have a referendum/ vote to decide whether or not to leave the European Union. This post explains the UK referendum in a series of Q&As.

What is the European Union (EU)?

The European Union is a group of 28 countries mostly located in Europe. It is an economic union which aims to ensure free movement of goods and services, labor and capital within the countries.

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